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Opettavainen kokemus

Varsin opettavainen kokemus laittaa uuteen Videogoogleen hakusanaksi Finland ja katsoa mitä amerikkalaiset ystävämme näinä päivinä Suomesta puhuvat.

Esimerkkejäkö kaipaatte. Näin lapsia opetetaan:
"Children: hei! Hei! Hei! Hei! Hei! Hei! Hei! Eh-oh! Eh-oh! Eh-oh! Eh-oh! Children: hei! Hei! Hei! Hei! Hei! Hei! Girl: Christmas in Finland"

Entäs bisnes, ei sanaakaan Nokiasta ja designista, vaan:
"Faith feuds for the Gooch's affections with former girlfriend (Carmen Electra), and she takes her love for him to new heights.
... how sorry I am for humiliating you, I brought a basket of embarrassing moments from my own life. All you need was a basket? A cd I recorded in Finland -- just under 30 copies sold... The only movie I ever made, "weapons of mass seduction" -- in which I have a semi-nude love scene with...Delta Burke.... "

Ben Wattenberg pohdiskelee ohjelmassaan Suomen teollistumista Iranin esimerkin valossa:
"... have, you know, nuclear weapons technology in mind. I mean, why is Iran building nuclear power plants? It's not for electricity. >> But why is Finland building nuclear power plants? Ben: what's the problem with the government doing it? I mean, surely you're not one of those Anti-government conservatives.... "

Good Morning, America elää valkoisessa joulussa:
... he go? We looked into this. It turns out that Santa lives in a real Town in the artic Circle. So this morning we're going to look out on Finland. >> Winter, everything is covered in snow. It is white. Crystal clear air. You have the northern lights that dances across the Sky once in a while....

Mutta saman voi sanoa toisinkin:
KRON 4 News at 9
Moore, Tokuda.
... It's way up there in Alaska. But I wanted to show you something from my archives. This happened a few years ago. A reporter actually up around Finland did this as a way of showing what it looks like when the temperature's 50 below Zero. That's a steaming cup of water. It's bubbling, and as he throws...

Suomi on myös urheilun suurvalta, ja urheilijoiden älyä peilataan tarkoin:

#>> He practiced today? Oh. I didn't see him out there. Well.. Yeah, you know, he did a great job. He looked good. He ran all the reps.: T.O. Will be back. If he plays, that would be great. He has to run the offense. But If he's not out there, I have to trust in the rest of the guys. >> Reporter: totally awesome dude. The X-games,Ax Aspen, Colorado for the 10-80's, Finland's empty aussie on the third run for the snowboard super pipe gold medal.

A native of Finland with back-to-back 10-80's, meaning he rotated 10-80 degrees in air, not once- once but twice. A 93. Not his I.Q., The only international Border there to win it. He does so, over two Americans. The word auawesome, way over-used in sportses, but it fits here."

Tangoa ei taida löytyä, mutta itsemurhia kyllä:
"t is discrimination. Neil: in countries like Sweden and Finland this, sort of thing is part of life, that is, death. And this issue that If someone so chooses to end his or her life because of extreme disability, it is understood, and the family and close contacts follow that. What do you make of that? >> We think it's a difference between suicide. People can commit suicide If they really want to, even people who are very severely impaired in their mobility."

Suomen ystävä Conan O'Brian pitäisi kutsua Suomeen ja antaa tämä karkoitettu missi seuralaiseksi:
"Finland, you've had over 5,000 years of culture and the worlds most famous Finn is still huckleberry."

T.R. Reid puhuu Yhdysvaltain edustajainhuoneessa Suomen edistyksellisestä valuuttaratkaisusta, joka ajaa Ruotsin ja Englannin euroon:
"So they now have a Rule when new countries join the e.U., Ten new countries joined last year. They now require you. In four or five years there are going to be 23 countries in the euro. My guess, with Finland in, Sweden and anotherway are going to have to go and that's gooing to make brit continue look like a weak outlier, they are going to have to go."

Valon puute tekee surulliseksi, mutta missä:"If you do the exercise outside, you don't need this light. >> Although you don't have quite as much natural Sun light in the Winter months, it is awfully cloudy. >> That's why this research was done in Finland, Norway and Sweden, where the light is less. "

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